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7 Ways To Beat Headaches

Here are 7 ways to reduce the chances of experiencing headaches and to decrease the intensity and frequency of your headaches:

1. Improve your work and home ergonomics to prevent unwanted stress on your neck and back.

2. Avoid spending long periods of time working on a computer, iPad, etc. Take frequent breaks.

3. Do not sleep on your belly. Try sleeping on your sides or back instead.

4. Use a good supportive pillow that keeps your neck in a neutral position while sleeping.

5. Ice your neck for 15 minutes 1 to 2 times per day to reduce your neck tension. Use a gel ice pack wrapped in a moist paper towel or face towel.

6. Keep your neck muscles loose. Stretch your neck muscles gently. Caution: stretching your muscle should not cause pain or aggravate your condition.

7. See a chiropractor. The majority of headaches are tension headaches and originate from neck spine misalignment and joint restriction. Chiropractic is the ideal approach to tension headaches with high success rate. 

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