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8 Signs of Disc Pain

Disc related problems could cause a whole series of signs and symptoms. Here are 8 signs that might be experienced due to a nerve irritation or compression originating from a  disc bulge, protrusion or herniation: 

1. Back or neck pain that does not respond to home remedies or over the counter medication. 

2. Radiation or traveling of pain, for instance from low back to leg or from neck to arm.

2. Burning sensation

3. Numbness or tingling, specifically in arms or legs

4. Sharp shooting pain

5. Change in bowel and bladder movement/habit, e.g. loss of control. If this is noticed you should call           your doctor immediately or go to emergency room. 

6. Increased pain upon sitting or bending

7. Loss of muscle strength

8. Loss of muscle tone

Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective in treating the back and neck related problems. It is safer and much less costly than invasive treatment such low back surgery which has a low rate of success and higher risk. In our practice we have been successful treating complicated low back or neck problems due to disc pathology. Our approach is tailored to patient's comfort and response. Our therapy of choice is Flexion-Distraction technique which is safe and effective. 

If you have symptoms that you are not sure about or not mentioned in the above list consult your medical doctor or chiropractor.

Please feel free to call Dr. Pourshadi with your questions. Also check our previous post (11/6/2011) related to the same topic.

For More information on chiropractic effectiveness and safety in treating back and neck related pain and conditions go to:

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