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Sitting Properly Can Keep Neck and Back Pain Away.

It is a new year and you might have set out some goals for the months ahead. I have a suggestion that could be an easy and achievable goal in the new year. Why not make a resolution to sit  in a way to reduce tension on our spine specifically our neck and low back. Here it is, simple and straight forward:

First, if you sit, try sitting all the way back agaisnt your chair, that is, let your back rest on the back of the chair. Do not sit at the edge or the middle of your chair as it could be a recipe for a forward head carrige, straighting of your neck curvature, muscle tightness and pain, headaches, and low back pain.

Second, push your chair all the way close to your desk or working surface area to eliminate the need for leaning forward. When seated, keep your neck in a neutral position, i.e. in the middle of your body, not tilted up, down or to the sides.

Third, keep your feet falt on the ground and  use a foot stool if you need to.

Lastly; if you are reading or working on a laptop, ipad, etc. use a pillow or a couplle of phone books to bring the reading material or your electronics higher so you don't have to keep your neck in a compromised and bent position.

In this day and age we do a lot of sitting which turns out to be the worst possible position for our spine. So if you have to sit for a long time use corret ergonomics and save yourself from  unwanted pain and aches.

Refer to my previous blogs for related topics. Your comments or questions are welcome.

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