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Pain Relief For Pregnant Women

The number two complaint of pregnant women (after morning sickness, number one complaint) is pelvis and low back pain.

Change of physiology including weight gain and as a result change of female's center of gravity, and loosening of spinal ligaments due to hormonal changes is a perfect recipe for low back and pelvic misalignment. Pain, ache, tightness and pain radiation into buttocks and legs could be the symptoms that the expecting mother has to face. Unfortunately the passage of time is not a healing factor but correction of misalignments could very well be a "life saver". We have had the pleasure of treating many pregnant patients. In the majority of cases chiropractic treatment proved to be effective in relieving the patient's symptoms. We also found that the mothers who were having their second pregnancy had easier deliveries after receiving chiropractic care.

How do we treat the pregnant patients? Not the same way as the regular patients!

Gentle and low or no force techniques such as flexion-distraction and sacro-occipital techniques are used to correct misalignments. Gentle stretches and myofascial realease  also provide releif for the achy, tight, or cramping muscles. We also train mothers- to-be for some basic exercises that could be very helpful in providing support and relief.

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