Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Treatment Options

Carapl Tennel Syndrome is one of the most common nerve entrapment conditions encountered in the population. Noramally it is caused by repetitive mechanical stress to wrist where median nerve passes through a tunnel formed by capal bones on the top and a ligament called "Transverse Ligament" on the bottom.  The compression could be casued by fracture or trauma but it is often due to a direct pressure on the wrist or when the wrist is held in a flexed or extended position repeatedly for long periods of time. The symptoms represent as hand numbness and tingling, weakness or clumsiness of hand, and in chronic cases an atrophy of thumb muscles.

The entrapment of median nevers is most often found in the wrist but it could also occur at more distant locations along median nerve pathway, such as forearm or at the junction of neck and shoulder. Entrapment could also be associated with "fbrous adhesions" along the median nerve pathway that may result in traction neuropathy and fixation of the nerve. 

The traditional treatment consists of providing the patient with a supporting wrist brace, avoidance or modification of the aggravating activities, vitamin B in case of a deficieny, injections, and surgery. It must be mentioned that the traditional treatment almost exclusively focuses on the compression of median nerve within the carpal tunnel and it may miss addressing the issue of entrapment along the arm and neck which mimic the same familiar symptoms. 

A hands on, non- invasive approach called Myofacial Release Technique used by many chiropractors has proven very effective in treatment of patients with carpal tunnel symptomology in many cases. This technique helps to remove fibrous adhesions along the nerve pathway. The doctor uses his thumb pads to apply pressure on the knots and nodules within the muscles and breake up the adhsion fibers while the target mucle is actively engaged and lengthend by the patient. The feeling resembles a deep tissue message. There is no down time, no drug to take and the suitable candidates often achieve positive results in a short time.

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