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Back pain in pregnant Women

Many pregnant women suffer from low back pain which could be debilitating at times. The treatment and therapies available to these expecting mothers are limited due to precautions taken not to jeopardized the development of feuts.  A natural approach is preferred and chiropractic offers just that. A destabilized pelvis due to hormonal and weight changes is commonly seen in these patients.  The good news is that these otherwise healthy women respond well to natural chiropractic care. Our treatment is safe, gentle and involves no force. Techniques such as Felxion-Distraction and SOT (sacro-occipital technique) are used. One of my recent patients was a mother-to-be in her twenties who suffered from moderate to severe low back pain with radiation of pain to her right leg. She appeared very distressed and seemed to be fearful of how she was going to face the rest of her pregnancy. Upon examination a transient sciatica (due to compression of the sciatica nerve) seemed to be casuing her problem. She responded well to Flexion-Distaction and drop table adjustments and within 4 treatments all her symptoms were eliminated. It was nice to see her similing and worry free face looking forward to the arrival of her baby. She did return few more times for maintenance and realignment before her natural childbirth.

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