Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Pregnant women are likely to develop back and pelvic pain, or even sciatica pain du

e to their weight and hormonal changes. Hormonal changes cause laxity of ligaments which is specially true with respect to pelvic region. A shift in body weight and center of gravity due to positioning of the fetus exacerbate the problem. More common pelvic pain could bring about pain in the entire back. Compression of sciatic nerve is also commonly seen.

Chiropractic care is the number one natural remedy for realigning the spine and stabilizing pelvis hence reducing pain for pregnant women. Dr. Pourshadi has ample experience working with expecting mothers. His gentle approach (using mostly non-force Sacro-Occipital Technique or Flexion-Distraction Technique) has helped many mothers to have an easier and pain free pregnancy. Some of the second time mothers indicated that they even had an easier labor. Please see our blog entry  for more inf( 3/27/2012)ormation.

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